Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rough as a Badger’s Pass

It was a contradiction of sorts this morning. We heard the rain fall heavily upon the outside wooden deck whilst the sun peeped through the slightest of gaps between the drawn curtains. Reluctantly Anthony was first to get out of bed and to his surprise, in the corner of the cabin room, he saw a little green man sitting on a pot of gold, bathed in what could only be described as ‘an end of a rainbow’.

Feeling lucky, we weren’t too fazed by the weather conditions. It helped that we only had to cycle 48.32 miles over a couple of Passes and into Dillon, MT. So, before setting off on our leisurely ride, we visited the town café for a very hearty morning meal. Served by Ally and her apprentice, 11-year old cousin Lindsey, we were spoilt to a ‘caloritastic’ full American breakfast and enjoyed every minute we spent chatting to them both. Stuffed like a couple of Thanksgiving Turkeys, we waddled back to our room, completed our packing and eventually made it out onto the road by 12:15pm. The slight flaw in our confidence was that, straight out of the gates, we faced an 11-mile, 855ft climb, made even worse by the 3 eggs, sausage, bacon, 4 pieces of toast and hash browns in our tummies.

Despite the ‘on and off’ light showers and 40mph ‘mountain effect’ head-winds, we had a wonderful ride today. You may have heard this before; “the scenery was beautiful”. For those of you who like motorbikes or open top sports cars …TAKE THEM TO MONTANA, NOW! You won’t regret it. Just before we reached the top of our first pass, a man in a large truck pulled up in front of us and got out. No worries, it was Monte, the owner of The Darby B&B that we stayed in last night. We had a great chat and wished Monte (and Inge) all the best.

The rest of the ride was just plain awesome. Honestly, this place is beautiful. We’ve uploaded loads of new photos and were especially happy when we reached our second pass of the day, the aptly named Badger Pass … “if you build it, then they will come”… and we did ... enjoy the photos!

Us x


  1. The Groveenders said we are so envious of the sights and your experiences in Montana. David remembers seeing a Western while still at school and it looked fantastic then! We would like to suggest two possiblenames for your new Gamine - namely Emma P.(Peel) or preferably, Purdy - both parteners of John Steed of Avengers fame (the 60s cult series). It will depend on who is Steed's rider. Lots of Love to you two from us two.

  2. Hey you guys it's Joselyn from Sawaddee. I have my friend Johnny's number in Yellowstone so you may give him a call and find out about all the hot spots! It is 307-344-2107. Good Luck!