Friday, 11 June 2010

Lord of the Chain Rings

Today was gonna be a good day; a day to pat ourselves on the back and remind ourselves how far we have come, and to do as many chores as possible, so tomorrow would be a ‘real’ rest day!

Now just 500 miles short of hitting our 9,000-mile marker, our chores have shifted in focus and are now prioritised toward the needs of Trusty and Steed. Like cars, bicycles need regular servicing and being in Missoula, MT for a few days gave us the chance to swap out all the knackered bikes parts and replace them with some brand new Bling! We want to say thanks to all the guys at Missoula Bicycle Works (Emily, Joel, Buck, Bryce, Ryan, Jesse and Laurel), who not only did a great job fitting the new bling chains n rings to Trusty and Steed, but also supplied us with two mean-looking mountain bikes to tour around the cycle paths of Missoula whilst they serviced our bikes: the first time we’ve been given “courtesy bikes”. After bit of off-roading and pulling wheelies, we returned to collect Trusty and Steed who looked great in their new sparkly bits. Trusty is especially happy with his “…Pirellis looking mean on 32’s”. OK the tyres weren’t really Pirellis but actually Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elites 700 x 28c, but that wouldn’t have the same 50 Cent ring to it. Oh and the hub was a 32-hole and not a 22-inch rim. But these are just details. Basically, the bikes look great and, hopefully, no more frequent spoke failures.

Cycling back to the motel, we could feel a new lease of life in our trusty steeds, which was good because pretty soon we are going to have to climb over a few more 7,000 ft passes to reach West Yellowstone.

After some hotel/motel planning, we went back to the restaurant we visited last night. The nearby “Sa Wad Dee Authentic Thai Restaurant” is great! The food is so fresh and so tasty and is very reasonably priced. Well actually it’s unbelievably cheap, or a more complimentary way to describe the prices would be to say “all other restaurants are overpriced”. Loving the Thai experience, we finished our litre of Chablis and promised our waitress we would see her tomorrow, same time, same table!

Before retiring for the night, we visited the next-door ‘City Brew’ coffee house to get some bottles of water and met three of the loveliest bright young things we have met for a very long time. Rebecca, Clark and Sarah work in the Coffee house and we had a great long chat with them: thanks you guys! And thanks Ira for the donation.

More rest tomorrow; Anthony needs to get over his fever.

Us x

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