Friday, 25 June 2010

Custer's Last Stand

A proper rest day today, with Kat trying to get her shoulder better and with us both working on planning the next stage of our route/booking accommodation. We had intended to set off tomorrow and make an unscheduled stop to break our journey after about 50 miles. Unfortunately, the only town for the next 100 miles in an Easterly direction from here with hotels/motels is carrying out a re-enactment of Custer’s Last Stand this weekend, and the whole place is completely booked up!! Luckily Todd and Anje at our comfortable hotel here in Billings have managed to accommodate us for another couple of nights (it’s packed here too, so we’re very grateful). Also, given that a “severe weather warning” has just flashed on the TV promising quarter-sized hail in the vicinity tonight, we’re feeling rather fortunate to have decided to stay a little longer. We now plan to set out on Sunday. More rest tomorrow…

Us x

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  1. Daahlings

    Just caught up since our call, shocked to hear about Kitty Kat. You need to take it e-Zy, we want to get you both back here in one piece. Make sure you have a proper rest and only get back on the road when you're really ready. We; having a quiet Sat night in with Sky TV after a couple of late nights on Thurs & Fri. Love to you both.

    Take care
    MG&T xxx