Sunday, 13 June 2010

Rocky Mountains

Back in the office today and what a wonderful day it was. Having spent two non-cycling days in Missoula, we felt as bright as daisies this morning. Better still, the sun was shining, it was +25°C, the winds were calm and of course we can’t forget Trusty and Steed sparkling like Liberace as their new chains and rings danced in the bright sunshine. After a very satisfying complimentary breakfast of waffles, peaches, Cheerios, orange juice, coffee and bagels, all the pieces were in place to make today’s 72-mile journey into Darby, MT just perfect! However there was one thing that occupied Anthony’s mind so much that he wasn’t truly able to enjoy the cycling moments until he saw ‘a Sign from above’ a ‘Vision’. The Sign (see photos) told Anthony to stop worrying about the result, as everything was in hand!

Now free from distractions, we absorbed all about us and were blown away in amazement with every corner we turned. The scenery on our left and right was out of this world. On the right the ragged teeth of the Rocky Mountains capped with snow and separated by 100-story deep crevices seemed within touching distance, whilst on the left the rolling green velvet Sapphire Mountains kept us funnelled in, cycling through lush and flat farm lands. Seriously guys this route into Yella is mind blowing (see Cycle Log). The only recorded image that could have done this justice would have been if Anthony had a 3D IMAX movie camera strapped to his helmet! Nonetheless, check out the photos, we tried to get some good shots.

We had to stop a few times along the way and drink loads of fluid. It seemed to get hotter and hotter as the day wore on. One of our last stops before arriving at our destination was a Safeway Super Store located in a town called Hamilton. This was a necessary stop, as we needed to buy raw ingredients (and wine) to cook dinner when we arrived at the B&B, the nearest restaurant being more than 5 miles away. Although this meant carrying the food for 20 miles, it was worth it, as our B&B, The Darby, is a haven of tranquillity, wedged beautifully between the Rocky Mountains and the Sapphire Mountains. Thanks to Inge and Monte, we had the use of their lovely kitchen and cooked a mean tasting risotto.

OK, time for bed now …just one thing before we go … G’on Lewis!

Us x

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  1. OK, so I have had my thinking cap on today and I would like to suggest a name for Audrey's replacement. Based on the fact that Julie Andrews only starred in the Sound of Music because Audrey Hepburn was busy making My Fair Lady I think it should be called Julie but that doesn't quite sound right so maybe Julia (Julie A)? LtL thinks it should be called Eskquith or something like that?! He's busy watching the Italy/Paraguay match at the moment. The omens were right for Lewis, I hear.
    LOL SB xxx