Saturday, 4 September 2010

3 Great Things!

  1. Dave and Jeanne laid out a glorious breakfast this morning, to a crowded table of hungry guests. We had a very entertaining time chatting with everyone, who for very different reasons found themselves sitting at the Hill and Dale Manor breakfast table sharing short stories. We had a mother and daughter from Jamaica who were in Port Hope preparing for the daughter’s first day at Trinity College School; a couple of German girls who we believe were touring the US and Canada by car; another couple who had recently helped their daughter move into her new University and; Kate who had wisely decided to give herself a little break from the stresses of everyday life and pamper herself for the weekend.
  2. Many of you may be familiar with the classic 1980’s animation ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ and the super human powers given to Prince Adam by Castle Grayskull. Today we felt a little like Prince Adam transformed into He-man! We were still suffering from yesterday’s herculean ride, and secretly wished for assistance to complete today’s challenging ride. And then as if by the magic of Grayskull (but actually the edges of hurricane Earl), ‘Talwin’ turned up blowing at 20 mph from the SW. We definitely felt like “we had the powweerrrr” as we headed NE toward Great Napanee, ON for 73 miles, completing the trip at a record-breaking 15.5mph average speed.
  3. We’ve now completed 12,000 miles “…booyah”

There are of course 2 more events that are worthy of a mention. David, Sheila, Barry and Aileen, thanks for your lovely comments and the UK donations… awesome!

Us x

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  1. Congrats on making it to 12,000 miles. I see that you are taking the Canadian site of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. I'm slugging it down the C&O Towpath to Washington, DC. Good luck with the remainder of your trip. I'll be following it whenever I can get on the internet. I'll have to check out how your ride went down the Eastern Seaboard.

    Nice to have met you in Michigan.

    Take care,

    Your friend,

    the Cycling Rev