Saturday, 25 September 2010

The bands of Jupiter trump the rings round Uranus

It was a HOT day today for our 60-mile ride from Portland, ME to Kittery, ME. Negotiating the busy streets of Portland to start off, we were glad to make it onto some of the bike paths that led out of the City and down to the Coast. Yes, we couldn’t resist dipping out toes in the Atlantic Ocean again… in fact we were desperate for a swim, but we made do…

Battling a strong headwind, we were pleased to roll into our hotel by around 4.30pm, with plenty of time to relax and unwind before strolling into town, and across the State Line! Weird but true, as we walked across the bridge over Badger Island (yes, we paid homage to the Badger), and into Portsmouth for dinner, we actually walked into New Hampshire.

We ate at Pesce, a wonderful Italian restaurant serving lots of fresh fish. Hi to our fabulous server Molly – we had a fantastic evening – thank you! On our way back, there was a man in the street with a huge… telescope, with a line of people ready to look through it. Not knowing what all the fuss was about but not wanting to miss out, we joined the line, and soon found ourselves looking at Jupiter, with its Bands and 4 moons visible… totally awesome.

Then it was back across the bridge to our comfortable B&B for some GPS route planning, TV-watching and chilling out. A long one tomorrow through NH and into Boston, MA!!

Us x


  1. Daahlings

    Counting down the days to NYC. You sound very perky in the last few blogs, maybe it's the last burst of energy before the end of the road. Hard to believe that it's nearly a year since we saw you and can't wait to give you both a big hug.

    Big lurve & kisses

  2. From your friends in Kalamazoo---
    Just want to know that we often tell our guests about your fantastic escapade, and we're watching you often, silently without comment, as you make your way on your epic trek. We think of you often, and wish you safe travels and smooth roads.
    and with all admiration and respect,
    Laurel & Terry