Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Go South

Drum roll please! Tomorrow we start heading south along the Atlantic coast. Our final 500’ish miles take us on our final leg into Manhattan. Not quite believing what we have accomplished this past 11 months, we spent most of today in automatic pilot, researching hotels from here to NYC and of course, doing the laundry. On a disappointing note, we did realise that our final mile count would be closer to 13,000 than 14,000. We blame that on the snow in Arizona, which stopped us from cycling the Grand Canyon loop …you didn’t expect us to blame ourselves for the shortfall did you?

We’re about to go out for a nice celebratory meal, get an early night and tomorrow morning start on our way to Portland, Maine.

Us x

p.s. we have returned from our celebratory meal later than planned thanks to the lovely time we had with Cerri our server at Mache Bistro

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  1. 500 more miles. That should be nothing for the two of you. I've done that in a week's time when I was a bit younger. Congrats on your accomplishment so far.

    Take care,

    from your friend "the Cycling Rev"