Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Plymouth Rocks

Today, we’re really shattered again! 43 miles into a very strong headwind to get from Boston to the historic (Pilgrims, Mayflower, Rock, first Thanksgiving, English settlement, etc.) town of Plymouth took its toll.

Still lovin’ y’all

Us x


  1. When is the big F day?
    Getting excited for you! (and excited to see you!)
    LOL SB xx

  2. That was last night!

    ... but the Finish day in NYC is October 6 where we'll be partying/relaxing with a few New Yorkers and friends flying in from London, LA and Amsterdam.

    ... and the Return day to 'Olde Blighty' is October 16. We're sooo excited about seeing you too SB.

  3. Just gonna miss you unfort, we're in NYC Oct 20th
    Look forward to catching up back in the UK.
    Enjoy the remainder of your trip. X