Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another milestone reached, 11,000 miles!

Yes that’s right folk’s we have passed the 11,000-mile mark, and it wasn’t all that bad really.

We left the Day Star Motel and our hosts Tony & Lisa Zoulek late this morning, 11:48 am to be precise. We’re not quite sure why we have been making our rides more difficult than they need to be, of late. Maybe we’re just getting fitter and completing a 64-mile ride in less than 5 hours is now de rigueur for cyclists of our experience …or maybe we like to sleep a lot and getting out of bed is becoming more and more difficult as we pile on the miles!

Anyway, we managed to get out of bed, eventually, then headed SE toward Howard City into a very strong headwind, rolling up and over the many hills of the Manistee National Forest. It was a lovely ride today. Despite the sun being out in full force, the tall forest trees and the vale of thunderclouds above kept us sheltered from its ‘death rays of heat’, and we managed to find some safe shelter (under a lone tall tree) when the thunderstorms and lightning struck!

We wish we had more exciting news to tell you, but the truth is our recent days have been pretty same old same old …you know …cycling hard, sweating much, having lunch in gas stations, peeing at the side of the road, dodging big trucks, getting caught in thunderstorms, being chased by dogs, … just a normal day in the office, sorry.

Before signing off …thanks to David & Ramona for their generous donation and thanks to Tony for the bottles of Hot Sauce!

Us x

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