Friday, 20 August 2010

A Cavalier Approach

Cleveland, Ohio. The second largest city in Ohio; home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; previous home to LeBron James, prior to his outrageous decision to defect to Miami; and the location for two whole rest days for us. We are cock-a-hoop!

It was a hot day for cycling the 51 miles through a veritable urban jungle into Cleveland, OH. Being a touch dehydrated from our little drinking session last night with our friends in Huron, and knowing that we could have been out on the water in their boat, with the wind in our faces, probably didn’t help our mental or physical well-being. Still, it was a surprisingly pleasant ride at times, with some glimpses of Lake Erie along the way, and then a wonderful view of the Cleveland Skyline and its huge lakeshore beach as we neared the city. And, of course, we had the thought of unpacking our panniers at the other end to keep us motivated.

Arriving at our hotel and telling Steve behind the desk what we are doing, we found ourselves being upgraded to a Jacuzzi suite with a lovely polished wooden floor, a fantastic view across the city, and lots of room to spread out – thanks Steve.

Our Huron friends had also recommended a trip to Sushi Rock at some point in our stay. Rather than hang around, after a quick wash and brush up, we headed straight there and gorged ourselves on lots of delicious sushi, edamame and miso soup. Thanks for the tip, guys!

Rain forecast tomorrow, so we might be forced to have a lie in!

Us x

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