Thursday, 19 August 2010

It’s a bit Erie around here

It was a longish ride today from Bowling Green to the town of Huron located on the south shore of Lake Erie, but the wind was with us, making the 68-mile ride feel relatively comfortable and stress free.

The most memorable part of today was meeting Hayley, Steve, Dawn and Matt at the local hot-spot, I-5's. A Caribbean restaurant situated on the boardwalk in the corner of the Marina at the mouth of the Huron River and Lake Erie that played authentic country and western music all night long! As we sat outside with our new found friends sipping beer, wine and hard liquor, animatedly talking about all those subjects which are considered taboo or ‘un-PC’ in America …you know, politics, ethnicity, rubber, latex, marriage, media, religion, alcohol, parenting, education, studded dog collars, etcetera etcetera the night stealthily moved towards midnight. We sensibly realised it was time for bed and said our good nights, sorry that we wouldn’t be able to accept their kind offer to join them on their boat tomorrow morning for a relaxing day on the lake. Hayley, Steve, Dawn, Matt, it was great meeting you.

Us x

P.S. Sorry for not posting a Blog yesterday. Our hotel claimed to have free Internet access but it wasn’t working.

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