Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Public Announcement!

On October the 25th 2009, day 1 of 1 we arrived in New Hope, PA. And guess what? Today, day 204 of 304 we’re back in PA. That’s right, who would have believed that after such a seemingly short time, just 11,500 miles later we’re back in Pennsylvania, and tomorrow we’ll be back in New York State. But before prematurely getting our hopes up, we still have 6 states and roughly 2,000 miles to go before completing this Epic Journey in NYC, where we’ll be celebrating our achievements with the TMG’s and the PCH’s …can’t wait!

Getting back to today’s events. We left the unbelievably great hospitality of Lu, Jerry and Lyndsey of the Eagle Cliff Inn, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio this morning. Feeling privileged to have spent time with such a lovely group of people and of course having a great breakfast of eggs sausages, muffins and fresh fruit, we were in moods for today’s ride. Also, a big thanks for the very generous donation.

The ride out of Geneva-on-the-Fake (its nothing like Lake Geneva) was great. The temperature was cool and refreshing (helped by a few clouds in the sky) and the sun was shining with a gentle warmth. Making matters more idyllic were the 30 miles of Lake Shore roads. It’s interesting how the presence of water tends to attract wealth in America, and that’s not just because both words begin with the letter ‘W’, it’s because all the crappy food chains have yet to work out how to build floating ‘drive-thru’s or ‘all you can eat for $3’ food outlets. Once they figure out that conundrum, trailers and project housing will replace all the chic and exclusive 15-bedroom houses. True! So whilst the mechanics and economics of constructing floating buildings evade the likes of McDonalds, DQ, KFC, Hardies, Wendy’s and Sonic, we enjoyed cycling along the quiet tree-lined avenues of Erie, PA.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) our hours in the saddle have been pretty uneventful. No longer do we post pictures of striking colours, magnificent landscapes or wild animals going about their business; and we apologize for this. Today followed similar suit and our pictures consisted of the usual State Line snaps. However, we’re hoping that tomorrow we’ll bring some exciting pictures of us dipping our toes in Lake Erie …an event not to be missed!

Finishing the ride in downtown Erie, PA and arriving at our B&B, the George Carroll House, we freshened up and made our way to the Bertrand’s Bistro. A local French restaurant, which in our view scores 9½ out of 10 for atmosphere, food, wine, service and value for money. We chatted at length with Alison our server who is also a very talented artist and Bertrand the owner who is originally from Orléans (that’s in France not Louisiana) and has been running the only French Restaurant in the city for over 8 years …wishing you all the best Bertrand and thanks for the Ricard or two.

Feeling Excited.

Us x

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