Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lake Ontario

A better start to the day is hard to imagine. Anthony woke to find the Belgian Grand Prix on the TV, Lewis Hamilton taking the lead right from the start of the race, and then winning it – go Lewis! Kat found herself able to sleep an extra 90 minutes without being told it was time to get up and, save for a few shrieks and yelps (especially when the safety car was sent out) leading to a few strange dreams, it was all very peaceful and quite a treat.

It was pretty difficult for us to turn our backs on the Falls as we set off today. A view like that should be enjoyed for as long as possible but, without eyes in the back of our heads, we had to set out North and console ourselves with the fact that we were headed towards Niagara-on-the-Lake, reputably the prettiest town in Ontario. We were not disappointed. It’s a cool little place, full of chic little shops, cafes, restaurants etc, and has an amazing view of the Niagara River as well as Lake Ontario.

Stopping to top up with liquid, we met Troy and Ian, who own Customs House Cigars in NOTL. We had a great chat with them, and while Troy gave us the contact details of the owner of the biggest bike shop in Toronto, Ian gave us a few tips for our route into Burlington, ON, which had the result of not only cutting around 8 miles off our 71-mile journey but also sending us right along a bike route, next to the Lake, and dropping us just outside our hotel - thanks guys!!

Heading along the bike route, we decided to leave the road and take try a bit of the off-road trail, and soon found ourselves in front of a gorgeous beach right on the shores of Lake Ontario: a perfect opportunity for us to bag our 5th and final Great Lake Paddle (see photos). While drying off, we bumped into Lorraine, the 2 cutie miniature schnauzers that she was looking after, and some of her friends from the cycling club (a big hello to you all, ladies, we enjoyed meeting you). With a few more tips and details for our route (well, riding without a map for this bit, we can do with all the clarification we can get), we set off again, realising that we were running a little behind time…

Still, we rocketed along, and arrived at our hotel in Burlington by 6.30pm, which all in all was a bit of a triumph. The lovely receptionist, Gabriella, was such a sweetie and greeted us like old friends, also recommending a fantastic Thai restaurant across the street: Siam Dish. We ordered enough food to feed a small town, and promptly devoured it all. It was truly fabulous.

Now we’re chilling out in our room, plotting our route into Toronto tomorrow and watching a few of our favourite shows on TV.

Us x

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