Friday 13 August 2010

Friday the 13th in Kalamazoo

Not since 26 July have we left before 10am to begin a cycling adventure. Well today we had to get back to being early birds because on this day, Friday 13th, we had over 80 miles to cover …and it was damn hot and insanely humid. So leaving our hotel at 09:54:58 we pointed our trusty steeds south and set off at a steady pace toward Kalamazoo (honestly, that’s not made up).

We passed through many quaint little villages along the way, no longer avoiding Chevy Trailblazers in fear of bumping into the resident serial killer, and just enjoying the people and places of Michigan. Being Friday the 13th, today could have been another difficult day, but for those of you who like to hear good tidings, we were smiling all day and felt even better when we met a guy called Tim, who said, quote “…every day is a good day”. Tim’s positivity strangely stayed with us, as when we stopped for a second rest 30 miles later, the lady in the shop provided us with free towels to dowse in cold water and wipe our faces …she was obviously shocked to see us bright red/deep purple and sweating with the heat.

The final few miles into Kalamazoo were energy sapping, but we made it to our comfortable B&B and were greeted by the owners Laurel & Terry, their assistant, Kim, and a spread of cheese & wine…perfect.

We had an awesome meal tonight at Epic Bistro and are now ready for bed. It’s going to be a warm and sticky night tonight!

Exhausted Us x

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