Thursday, 12 August 2010

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It was a short 34-mile ride today from Howard City, MI to Bedling, MI, where we are staying at a golf resort (!), it being the only accommodation for miles close to our route. It would have been a great ride: sunshine, no rain, light wind, no mechanical failures, were it not for the fact that we spent the whole day arguing! Still, that is part of the trip. Spending 24/7 together is not always easy.

One good thing that happened today was that we met a lovely man called Jon who, with his wife Katie, are running an organic small-holding, where they are self-sustaining and also sell quite a bit of chemical free produce. We were inspired by our discussion with Jon and pleased to find that there are these good people in the world doing amazing things.

Anyway… tomorrow is another day, and we will try to start that in a more positive light that we finish today.

Us x

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  1. Like you say 24/7 is very hard and you are both not physically on top form so hope you had a good night's sleep and tomorrow is another day. Give us a call for a chat if you get a chance at some point as the last one was on the short side! LtL is currently feeding himself breakfast (or should I say smearing breakfast over his face, hands, legs, highchair and floor!) It's shreddies soaked in milk, blueberries and banana so you can imagine the scene! Plus he now spits out his water like a fountain! We might go swimming in a bit but it's raining already so I'm even less keen than usual. LOL SB xxx