Friday, 27 August 2010

Niagara Falls, ON

It was a tiddler of a ride from Buffalo, NY across the Peace Bridge into Ontario, Canada and on to the Niagara Falls (Canadian side). We knew it was only 24 miles or so, so we had a lie in and set off late. Yay!

The sun was shining as we pootled along on the Niagara Trail, a cycle path running alongside the Niagara River, and it was all very peaceful. As we approached the Falls area, we bumped into Jacqueline from Quebec who was doing a loop of the Niagara area and parked up her bike to have a quick chat and take a few photos. Hi Jacqueline! And then, as the river was getting more and more choppy and turbulent, we could suddenly see the mist rising up over the top of the falls. We were shocked but overjoyed to realise that we were going to be riding right next to the Horseshoe Falls, and from there, we could see the American Falls just across the river. For some reason, we thought that it would be a trek from the town to see what we wanted to see, but it was all there!

Nothing really prepares you for a sight like this. It’s so amazing that it almost doesn’t seem real. And being close up, you can actually see how clear the water is as it pours in torrents over the top and then transforms itself into a sea of white foam as it hits the bottom. And, of course, it creates a huge cloud of mist that turns into a big wide rainbow in the sunshine. Stunning.

We spent a little while with the bikes mesmerised by the view before decamping to our hotel for the night. Having done a bit of internet research, we decided to walk a mile to Koutouki Greek Cuisine for dinner. Those who know Anthony well will know that he is a bit of an aficionado when it comes to Greek food, and pretty much all things Greek. Well, he was blown away by the meal and pronounced it the best Greek food he had had outside of Greece. High praise indeed.

We returned to our room just in time to see the fireworks explode over the top of the Falls. Quite a spectacle. A rest day here tomorrow for a bit more oo-ing and ah-ing at the view.

Us x

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