Thursday, 26 August 2010

Buffalo Wings and Pink Champagne

As you all know we’re now back in New York, the Empire State. It’s strange for us to recall how we felt when we first set off from Manhattan excited, apprehensive and nervous about the road ahead, only now to laugh, smile and fondly reminisce about the journey travelled. Along the way from Dunkirk to here in Buffalo, NY we continue to meet a wide and diverse group of very interesting people, from gangs of kids screaming around on their bikes and hanging out at the local Subway to businessmen cruising the intersections on golf buggies during their lunch breaks, who upon hearing about our travels, ask us “What’s been your favourite place so far?” You would have thought that this question would be very easy to answer by now, but you’d be wrong. Worse still, being back in New York has put the last 10 months (exactly) into a euphoric haze of dreaminess. It’s so difficult for us to single out one specific moment that stands above all others. So to all those out there who want the answer to this obvious question …you’ll have to wait for the book release.

So, we’re nearly home and we’re constantly reminded of the common belief that successfully completing the last 20% of any given activity generally requires 80% of the effort. Physically, this has been true for Anthony as he has been cycling for the past two weeks with a very painful hernia (the cyclists among you may have noticed his average cadence has increased by 5-10 rpm’s) and every day tries not to let the prospect of completing the remaining 2,000 miles powered on ‘1 cylinder’ defeat him mentally. Kat on the other hand is full of beans! Looking forward to Toronto, NYC avec des amis and getting back to Le Crouch End et Soozy Q, and consequently has been cycling along each day with a spring in her step and plenty of gas in the tank …Anthony feels emasculated that he can no longer keep up with her.

Tonight we’re back in a metropolitan city; Buffalo, that sports many wine bars, clubs, restaurants and gentlemen’s clubs. We decided to only take part in the restaurant scene tonight! Fortunately, we’re not having a rest day here, because we’ve heard that hernias and Gentleman’s Clubs don’t mix! Anyway, tonight’s meal was divine; we treated ourselves to a pink fizz aperitif and a limóncello digestif in recognition of successful completion of the loop from New York to New York via San Diego and Portland Oregon.

Before signing off tonight we must say a big thanks to Alison S and Dave & Fran (see you in NYC with the TMGPCH’s) for the generous donations. Niagara Falls tomorrow… we can hardly contain ourselves.

...don't forget to check out the new photos in the New York and Pennsylvania albums

Us x

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  1. Daaaahlings

    Glad to see you've hit New York State but Antoine, be careful with that hernia, you need to be in tip top condition for NYC. Not long now...

    Love & kisses