Tuesday 10 August 2010

Cry Wolf

When we started this trip, we had expected that on occasion, one of us would be feeling ill, and we’d have to take a sick day or two out of our schedule. It’s true that we’ve had to do it a couple of times: Kat’s fall in Billings; hangover day in Escanaba (!), but generally, we’ve ridden through the sniffles and sore throats and come out the other side. We’re doing that again now, as we both have been suffering from some sort of summer cold, giving us headaches, blocked noses and the scratchiest throats you can imagine!

So, neither one of us was volunteering to get up when the alarm went off this morning, and got pushed back at least a couple of times. We decided that we needed the sleep however, and didn’t give ourselves too much stick when we eventually departed our hotel at 11am, stopping in town for breakfast and to do a few chores before eventually hitting the road around 12.30pm for our 64-mile ride into Wolf Lake, MI.

It was a hot hot day, but we kept ourselves well hydrated. We stopped for a short break around half way through the ride in a town called Mesick, thinking to ourselves that maybe we should just stay there, given that it was a place clearly showing empathy for our situation. But instead, we simply popped a couple of DayQuil down the hatch before pedalling off again.

We met a few interesting people today as well. During our stop in Mesick, we bumped into Dick and Arlete, who are cycling from Seattle to Maine, though taking a slightly different route to us. We also offered assistance to a couple of guys who found themselves with a flat tyre and a pump that did not fit their inner tubes! Luckily for them, our pump worked, and they’d also been rescued by a Good Samaritan called Jim, who agreed to drive them to a nearby bike shop to buy a new pump for their trip. They reminded us of ourselves on the first few week of our trip on the Atlantic Coast…

Rolling into Wolf Lake, we were pleased to check in to our comfortable motel, the Day Star Motel, where we cooked ourselves dinner in our kitchenette and had a lovely chat with the owner, Tony. A big thanks to Lisa and Tony for being such wonderful hosts, and especially for doing a load of laundry for us… you know the way to our hearts!

Us x

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