Sunday 8 August 2010

Carrying a Torch

We think we’ve found our perfect summer destination: Torch Lake, MI. 19 miles long, 2 miles wide, it’s beautifully clear and is the most stunning shade of turquoise. Apparently National Geographic have named it America’s most beautiful lake and, having Googled it on reaching our destination, we see that a few celebrities including Michael Moore and Eminem have houses there. So, maybe it’s not quite the secret find we thought we had discovered, and perhaps there are not going to be many cheap places on offer, but we are really smitten.

Waving a fond farewell to our lovely B&B this morning, full of a yummy breakfast and having had a great chat with the owners Philip and Marci, and the other guests, we found ourselves travelling the terrain of a receded glacier. Up and down, up and down, truly like a roller coaster, for miles and miles. The route eventually flattened out a bit when we reached Torch Lake, and we pedalled along with our heads permanently turned to the right trying to catch as many glimpses as we could of the gleaming turquoise water. Eventually finding a path to one of the few public access areas, we parked Trusty & Steed up and took off our socks and shoes. The water was surprisingly warm but still gloriously refreshing. We took a quick paddle, snapped some photos, and hung around in the water longer than necessary, not wanting to leave… ever. Oh well. We can dream.

It was a lovely but physically demanding 57 miles into Traverse City, MI, probably due to our being tired after 6 days of cycling on the trot, and the combination of the terrain and the head/side winds. We were glad to arrive at our hotel right in the middle of downtown, within walking distance of several restaurants and pretty close to the water’s edge (West Arm Grand Traverse Bay), especially as we have a rest day here tomorrow. Yay!

Us x

P.S. Special thanks to David & Ramona, guests at the B&B this morning who took some photos of us all and emailed them to us.

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