Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lake Superior

Now that we’re in Great Lake territory, it only makes sense for us to try and dip our toes in all 5 of the lakes. We’ve already swum in the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific so why not try to complete the “large body of water, I’ve been there” experience. So thanks to Bob and Kris’ recommendation we left Escanaba on the shores of Lake Michigan and headed north this morning toward Munising, MI, on the south shores of Lake Superior. Needless to say, we felt very delicate this morning (thanks again Mat & Heather and thanks for the donation) but having another rest day was not an option. Therefore we packed up, drank loads of fluid and set off in the glorious sunshine on our 68-mile uphill ride through the picturesque Hiawatha National Forest.

The ride through the Forest was tough at times but great fun. It was very peaceful and full of surprises. We cycled for some 54 miles before taking our second stop at a General Store 14 miles south of Munising, where we met a couple groups of very interesting people. The first group were sitting outside on the porch of the General Store, having just finished running a marathon, then swimming across a nearby lake (we think it was Town Lake) to eat ice creams. The ice creams looked very yummy, so instead of embarking upon our usual consumption of energy bars, we too tucked into a couple of very scrumdiddlyumptious ice creams. Whilst tucking into our frozen treats, a group of Parish Bikers thundered into the car park with one thing on their minds…eat ice cream. We all sat and chatted over ice cream and before leaving they kindly offered to bless our bikes.

Refreshed and still wanting more, we reluctantly tore ourselves away from the store and completed the remaining 14 miles with a lovely downhill finish to the front door of our motel, where we met Alain, another Epic Adventurer from Québec. His English was of course far better than our French but our French is atrocious (where’s MG when you need her) so communicating was a bit difficult. We did manage to get his blog address [] and he kindly donated to the cause.

We’re having a non-cycling day tomorrow to see the sights of Lake Superior.

Us x

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  1. Sweetie Pies

    Checked out Alain's blog, there's a nice pic of the two of you but he thinks that you are american - have you gone native??? Will you both have funny accents when we meet in NYC? Not long now....