Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bâtons de cocktail

We did the tourist thing today, meandering through the latticed streets of the French Quarter, taking in all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of pretty street-front houses intermingled with busy courtyard cafés full of happy (very drunk) faces, arrayed with ingenious street performers making sure that your lunch is washed down with a healthy portion refreshing entertainment. It’s a shame the camera couldn’t capture it all.

Some of you may be less concerned with photos on rest days and instead wondering: “how far have we gone so far?” “how we’re getting on?” “what’s the difference between Crocodiles and Alligators? Or you may not be thinking that at all and would have already realised before reaching the end of this sentence that we have very little to report on today and are merely giving ourselves a cue to present such information.

As far as distance goes, we have now completed 3,150 miles pedalling for 240 hours in our leather Brooks saddles (please refrain from posting leather saddle jokes …thank you). Concerning how we’re getting on? Considering our ‘24:7:365’ relationship coefficient ratio we would say “pretty well really!” Sometimes on those raining days when we’re confined to a 12’x14’ room it’s very easy for us to slip into a stir crazy, cabin fever state, sitting perfectly still on the bed staring at each other thinking only of where we are going to get our next meal from, and whether it will have to be pizza again. But not in N’awlins where you can, and will, find the best food you’ve ever eaten.

Shocking as it may seem to some of our seasoned followers, we weren’t able find an acceptable purveyor of laundry services today. We hope to avoid any trauma as a result of not getting our ‘coin operated laundry fix’ but Kat is a little worried that Anthony may not be able to hold out until Baton Rouge after noticing he has already turned his pants inside out… the first sign of withdrawal!

Back on the road tomorrow to complete the 90 miles into Red Stick! Our hamstrings are as tight as a fisherman’s grip so we’ll be doing some stretching tonight before bedtime.

… we’re off to have dinner now… Goodnight & Good morning… hello again! We’re back from dinner, which unfortunately didn’t live up to the high standard of previous gastronomic joys. However, we did manage to down a couple of very nice pre dinner cocktails. Kat had the ‘Katrina Rita’ for obvious reasons and Anthony had the ‘Purple Haze’, paying homage to Jimmy.

Us x

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  1. Oh, if only I could think of a leather saddle joke, where are they when you need one?