Saturday, 30 January 2010

Yeah Baby!

Finally we have arrived in Austin, Texas. We left Bastrop this morning with temperatures at 0°C and an evil 15mph headwind. Fortunately, we were suitably dressed to prevent any bodily parts involuntarily snapping off like icicles hanging off a garden water fountain.

Unfortunately, that’s about it folks! It was quite an uneventfully pleasant ride today; nothing crazy like landslides, bald eagles, 22-wheelers passing by at 60mph or packs of hellish hounds… just your normal energy sapping 35½ mile short hop into the capital of Texas, baby! There is however, one change to the norm. We’re back in hilly territory! After ascending what seemed to be an insignificant hillock 10 miles outside of Austin, we checked our Gamines’ elevation readings and were astounded to find ourselves back in the dizzy heights, 650ft above sea level! So, great news for all of you followers who are fed up with viewing our beachy photos whilst you sit in your office sipping coffee during that brief respite at work… no more glorious shots of sand, sea, sun and pecs for the next 2 months.

We’re now at our hotel “sipping on Gin and Juice”, looking forward to our long weekend break.

Us x

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