Saturday, 16 January 2010

Go Saints!

Not much to report today. Got up late and went for brunch at a cute little restaurant on the edge of the French Quarter called Eat. Had the most amazing creamy grits (we’d never liked them before we tasted these), the crispiest yummiest curly fries, and huge fluffy homemade biscuits (what we would call scones). And it was a BYOB place, so we picked up a nice bottle of French champers at shop prices on the way there. Perfect.

What followed was not so good. We had been given the name of a bike shop in New Orleans to replace our tyres, which are teetering on the brink at present. Unfortunately, we took a $20 cab ride to find out that the shop had decided to close early and returned to our hotel empty handed… Oh well. Hopefully they will last the 90 miles into Baton Rouge on Monday (a holiday here), and we will be able to replace them there…fingers crossed.

Tonight, we were still a little full from our brunch-tastic experience earlier in the day, so wandered down to the restaurant in our hotel thinking of eating a salad. We were thrilled to find charcuterie and cheese plates to die for. Washed down with a good bottle of plonk it was a fabulous way to end a relaxing day.

Oh, and the local Football team, the Saints, won today. Many happy people in the party spirit tonight…

Us x

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