Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pizza'd Out

Have a guess! Go on, what d’ya think we did this morning after waking from our lie-in? You guessed it …Laundry!

Not much more to report on we’re afraid.

Our motel is located a couple of miles from the coast in a small town in Mississippi, on the side of the very busy US 90, with not many options for entertainment apart from the local Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dominos MacDonalds, Wendys, Waffle House, Checkers…the list of fast food joints goes on and on. Fortunately for us we found a Walmart and wondered around the aisles for a while…riveting! Being a sizeable distance from the heartbeat of city life, it didn’t help that our motel’s restaurant / lounge bar had a very strange policy for opening hours i.e. they closed when they felt like it or if business was slow. So you can appreciate how disappointed we were when we turned up at 8pm, starving and looking forward to some healthy food only to discover the ovens had been switched off for the night… “Dominos pizza anyone?”

Us x

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  1. Hello, are you there? Have been sitting staring at the screen all night waiting for a new post. Are you still sitting in Dominos eating your 10th pizza and waiting for your pants to dry??????