Friday, 22 January 2010

Heading West

Whilst you sit at your desk for 9+ hours working diligently to provide your employers with their pound of flesh, we’re out spinning the wheels through rattlesnake-infested swamps, up steep bridges, across 8 lane highways and into soupy fogs. Having knowledge of this, we’re sure you can appreciate all the expected and unexpected events that come across our paths in our working day. Unfortunately today was one of those days in our office where everything was just fine and dandy without anything particularly exceptional happening, so we apologise in advance for the lack of inspired writings. Once again however, we met yet more interesting Americans during those rare occasions when we stopped for refreshments. The majority of today was a dedication to pure and beautiful cycling from Ville Platte, LA to De Ridder, LA. We completed the 77 miles in great weather, averaging 15.4 mph with an ESE wind. We’re very pleased with ourselves after checking the stats and learning that we stopped for a total of 60 minutes including all breaks, which isn’t half bad when you consider our 6-hour day in the office.

Us x

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