Saturday, 2 January 2010

es ist sehr windig, ja

True to our word let us fill you in on a few of yesterday’s choice memories. First of all, a big “Thank you” goes to Chuck for his knowledge and advice: yesterday’s ride turned out to be a 50+ mile journey along two perfectly manicured cycle paths (Pinellas Trail and Suncoast Trail). Second, Natalie devotedly working on New Years Day in the Shell service station who, upon seeing our cold, wet and pathetic bodies looking worn and tired half way into our ride, took us in and allowed us to warm ourselves up with hot coffee (courtesy of Natalie) and dry snug surroundings. So as usual our great experiences would not have been possible without the help and assistance from “The Friendly Americans”.

Today on the other hand; a whole different experience:

LONG: 78 miles (not the 100 miles as predicted – we changed the route after missing a vital turn – thanks Gamines) of roads so straight and long you could see the curvature of the earth. This optical illusion of the ‘never ending hill’ is a very strange visual experience that very nearly crushed our will to cycle another day.

COLD: it was snowing in Houston Texas today. Yes, you heard right, “in Texas it was snowing” and with our start position at 7:30am being just 900 miles east of Houston, you can guess how cold it was (-2°C to be precise).

WINDY: We’re now starting to get a little bored with the 20mph headwind. All 6½ hours of today we cycled NW and guess what? The wind never faltered, maintaining its steady gust pushing everything SE.

With a final pit stop at mile 65 to replace some vital calories and catch our breath, we met a very nice young man called Keaton who donated some cash for the cause…Thanks Keaton.

Us x


  1. Goodness me, sounds like you are in England with that weather! We have had snow again and more forecast for next few weeks. Well done on making it through yesterday's slog. Better days to come I hope. LOL SB xx

  2. SB - thanks for your words of encouragement! They are keeping us going through what it turning out to be a tough few days. We're thinking of you, Pradeep and Leo. Keep warm...
    Lots of love
    Us x

  3. Have you set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for biketheborderline yet?Can't find it if you have. Would give you a much bigger (potential) audience. Let me know if you want some help setting it up - if it/they does not already exist. Px