Sunday, 31 January 2010

Life Begins at … 21?

Today was Kat’s 40th birthday, and we have been celebrating in style! Kat has been treated like a princess: breakfast in bed, roses, champagne, cake, massage … and tonight, we are going to a sushi restaurant recommended by our friend JB (from Royers in Round Top TX – see Thursday’s blog). More of that tomorrow. Meanwhile, Anthony has also been extra-attentive, and has been pandering to Kat’s every need .. “peel me another grape would you sweetest heart...”

Anyway… Today was ch-ch-ch-chilly. Brrrrr. But we made it out for a quick jaunt down Austin’s 6th Street to a nearby bike shop, and spotted the Capitol Building on the way back, which was suitably grand and imposing (we are hoping that it will be sunnier and warmer tomorrow, and we will be able to wander around a little more, and perhaps take a few photos). Grabbing a Starbucks, we made it back to the room just in time to tuck into the fabulous chocolate cake before Kat staggered out for her massage. Now we’re sipping champers… and thinking about sushi. Well, it only happens once in life.

Kat would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the thoughtful and generous cards, presents, emails, phone calls, and messages that she has received today.

Us x

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  1. Hope we're going to see some special princess Kat birthday photos????