Wednesday, 6 January 2010

OMG…115 miles!

Today was a very good day. You’re not going to believe it but we completed 115 miles from Tallahassee to Port St Joseph (hi Little Fella) in 8h41m. Starting quite late at 8:45am (too many Dirty Martinis last night) with ice on the road and multi directional freezing wind, we rode for two hours precariously through rush hour traffic before reaching Apalachicola National Forest. For the next 50 miles as we cycled through this beautiful wooded expanse (also passing through Tates Hell State Forest.), only 5 cars passed us. We were ecstatic, as well as being toasty warm in our new winter weather gear (photos to come later). Things got even better as we exited the forest and spent the next 45 miles cycling along the Gulf Coast with breathtaking views.

Sorry for the short blog but we are beside ourselves with tiredness. We will fill you in on tomorrow’s blog.

Us x


  1. Met you at breakfast this morning and had to check out the blog! Can't wait for more updates. Sounds like a beautiful ride. Stay warm!

  2. how long have you been training for this? and how many hours did it take for you to finish this course?