Monday, 11 January 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Problem is we’re shattered AGAIN!. The weather reports that tell us each morning the sun will shine and winds will max out at 5mph with no gusts are merely fabrications of the truth, put there to lift our spirits and trick us into believing that our 45+ mile cycle ride is going to be a cinch! So as usual “Edwin”, the god of multidirectional headwinds made his presence known today, relentlessly attempting to beat us into submission. Fortunately “KatnAnt” gods of the tarmac always prevail. Unfortunately prevailing against the windy gods takes it toll and it’s now 9pm, were stuffed with Pasta from Pizza Hut and half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (screw top) and mustering up the energy to write about everything that happened today is very difficult. However, we can but only try!

Breakfast at the Hilton Pensacola beach this morning was big! Spoilt for choice we decided not to choose and instead ate everything our eyes could see. A large bowl of fresh Florida fruit with yoghurt, followed by cereal, milk and fruit, concluded with a hot plate of eggs over easy, omelettes, sausages, sausage patties and bacon, washed down with freshly brewed coffee and juice squeezed from oranges between the thighs of Floridian virgins! We ate and drank like kings on a paupers budget…sweet.

The road out from Pensacola was, not surprisingly, gorgeous. What you have to try to appreciate is that we’re cycling on a road (Gulf Beach Blvd) that on the right hand side displays images of civilisation whilst on the left; endless, undisturbed, unadulterated images of brilliant blue and glorious green waters, framed with pure white beaches and bronzed natural sunlight. We promise to change the “Scenic Beauty” record as soon as we head inland into Texas, avoiding the Mexican border of course.

Speaking of borders, we reached Alabama with a tear in our eye and a new lease of adventure pumping through our veins. Crossing USA state borders is like entering into another country. It’s hard to imagine how much an environment can change within 10 paces, so let us elaborate… “Croydon!” is it London or Surrey…London/Surrey…you get the point. After 10 miles of Alabama cycling and now fully acclimatised we were approaching the Best Western Hotel, wind-swept and freezing cold. As Margaret and Audrey told us “0.1 miles to destination” we realised there was a dearth of Liquor stores nearby and therefore decided alternate action was required. On our 3-mile excursion to locate a suitable beverage store, we stumbled across an alligator infested waterway (see photos) and “Liquid Latitude”, the best liquor store ever! Owned by a really cool guy Darren; thanks Darren for your help.

Loaded with vin blanc we got back on route and headed for our hotel, just in time to freshen up and take a sunset beach walk… very rosemantic!

Good night Y’all, next stop Mississippi



  1. Wind might be tough - many babies and adults would agree with you - but if it makes you feel any better, I logged off work computer at 23:30 tonight and just logged into your blog and saw the beautiful sunset. Lucky, lucky, you two. Keep it up, it's worth all the hard slog.

    Love & kisses

  2. MG
    You're a star: perfection personified! Now try to sleep.

    Usx (loads of love)