Sunday, 24 January 2010

Memories of East Texas

Today, we have decided to give you the blog in bullet-point format. We like to mix it up a bit…and we’re trying to keep it short!

  • Start: De Ridder, LA; Finish: Kountze [coōn-tz], TX
  • Distance: 85 miles
  • Weather: Sunny, 70s
  • Wind: Evil Edwin of 10 – 20 mph
  • Average Speed: 13.2 mph
  • Calories burned: 5468
  • Calories consumed: well, we don’t really know that, but we cycled to Sonic tonight for our evening meal, and ate a SuperSonic Jalapeno burger, fries, and 2 chicken strips…OK, MG, we know that’s not really very healthy, but we’re limited for choice…
  • Gamine performance: atrocious
  • High point of the Day: We’ve made it to Texas – YEE-HA!!!
  • Low point of the Day: 85 miles into a ridiculously strong headwind. Need we say more.
  • Top sighting of the Day: A Bald Eagle taking off from the side of the road just around the LA/TX border…they are huge, and it was awesome.
  • Joke of the day: anything to do with the pronunciation of the town in which we are staying tonight. Yes, you do say it like that.

Us x


  1. Well having just got back from Vegas I thought I might run into you guys pedalling down the strip, or maybe having a rest day in the Caesar's Palace Diner. But no. Then I looked at the map when I got home - fewee the US is a big old country! I even stayed three days but no luck. Didn't see any bald eagles either. Next time I'll give you a bit more notice and maybe you can make a small detour of a few thousand miles, if that's not too much extra pedalling...T