Friday, 8 January 2010

Weight Watchers

Another rest day, another batch of laundry. Except this time, we were thrilled to find that our condo had its own washing machine and tumble drier. Strange the things that can make us happy…

Other than that important fact, not much to report about today. Our major achievement was to lose a bit of weight. Not from ourselves (if that was our aim for the day, we probably shouldn’t have just polished off 2 large cookies each after dinner), but from our panniers, particularly Anthony’s, since the various spoke-breaking incidents that have occurred recently.

Having unpacked the entire contents of all of our panniers for the first time in a very long while, we picked through and made those difficult decisions as to what we could and couldn’t live without. Given that there really wasn’t that much in any of the panniers in the first place, it was not easy. However, we managed to cobble together a motley selection of items to send back to Anthony’s Dad for safe-keeping. Once we had put everything together, we just strolled 5 minutes down the lane to the “Village Square” and into the Post Office, where there was no queue, and the lady had everything boxed up and on its way quicker than you could say “if it fits, it ships”… Gotta love Rosemary Beach.

Another rest day tomorrow (we still feel like we need it after those head winds), and then the grand repacking of the panniers. After a whole month in Florida, another couple of days and we’ll be into Alabama, then Mississippi, then Louisiana. How time flies.

Us x

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