Friday, 1 January 2010

Courtesy Call!

We’ve had another brilliant day, cycling the 63 miles north along the west coast of Florida against a 20mph head wind into Brookesville… no mean feat! Our muscles feel like jelly and we’re categorically pooped. Coupled with the fact that tomorrow’s ride is 100 miles. That’s right folks…100 miles of beating the black stuff (tarmac) against another head wind, we need to get an early night and prepare for our 10 hour ‘Epic’ day.

We promise more info will be posted in tomorrow’s blog… Lovin’ y’all like a fat kid loves cake. Wish us luck!

Us x


  1. Yoo hoo luvvies, in a bath in our hotel in Troyes, on our way home. Lovely to hear you both on NYE, everyone missing you and toasting you. Every success for the rest of your trip. Will be back in London tomorrow and looking forward to daily blog fix.
    Big love

  2. Hey MG&T, hope you guys and a fantastic skiing holiday, eating loads and cooking Chicken & Leek risotto garnished with truffle oil. We missed you and the crew and are looking forward to our daily fix of your comments.

    Lots of Love