Wednesday, 20 January 2010

only joking!

… returning from the Fog, Anthony had a strange aura of 4th dimensional knowledge about him, he gently hugged Kat and whispered in her ear “Elvis lives!” It took while for Anthony to make the jump back into this dimension but, when he did, he explained that Ferry service was postponed indefinitely due to thick fog. This was a problem as it was now 12:30pm and, in order to make it to Simmesport, we would have to take a 60-mile diversion as well as completing the remaining 50 miles to the Motel; that’s 110 miles in less than 5 hours of daylight. Still running 75% full on determination, we were actually considering the 110-mile option until we got chatting to another great guy sitting in his pickup waiting in line like us in the vain hope that the ferry service would be resumed. He asked us where we were heading. Upon hearing that we planned to stay in Simmesport tonight, he was concerned and suggested all sorts of other alternatives, even offering to carry our bikes and us to a closer town. When we asked why, he just said “why Simmesport?” Reading between the lines, we realised that fate was trying to prevent us from getting to our destination. Accepting the course that fate had decided for us, we turned our backs to the ferry and returned to St Francisville to regroup and consider our options.

We managed to find a lovely B&B, St Francisville Inn, just 3 miles away. The proprietor Patrick is a great guy and immediately made us feel at home. So, we decided to stay here tonight, and hotfoot it to our next destination in one day tomorrow instead of two. As the heavens opened at around 5pm this afternoon, we were pleased with our decision. And for MG’s benefit, next door was a traditional south Louisianan restaurant called Eight Sisters (run by 8 sisters) where we tucked into very large portions of Rice & Red Beans, Greens, Fried Chicken and Corn Bread… deeelicious!

Us x

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