Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Bridge Too Far!

After bidding a fond farewell to Pawel, our host at the beautiful Coast Cabins in Manzanita, we were back on the road this morning bound for Astoria, our last stop in Oregon. We made a quick stop en route in Seaside, where Andy and Brian at Prom Bikes mended Trusty’s broken spoke and tweaked a couple of other things on the bikes which were a little troublesome. Thanks guys!!

We meandered on the Lewis & Clark road from Seaside to Astoria (named after the famous explorers to the Pacific North West more than 200 years ago), which was beautiful, and perfect cycling, except perhaps for the wind which, as usual, was a tad gusty. We completed the 43-mile ride by around 5pm and found ourselves back in our usual style of accommodation this evening (!), although it’s fine…clean and comfortable, albeit not the luxury we had encountered over the last couple of nights. And we had a truly fantastic dinner at Bridgewater Bistro, overlooking the Columbia River and the HUGE bridge that spans it from Astoria into Washington State. Before we looked at our map we thought that we were cycling over it tomorrow, and were more than a little apprehensive. Happily, however, we take a detour up the river valley and get a ferry across further inland…phew. Didn’t stop us ordering an extra glass of wine (Dutch courage) this evening though…just in case.

Us x

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