Thursday, 20 May 2010

“The Magic City”

We’re still in the United States of America but, interestingly enough, on a circle of latitude that is farther North than the most Southerly point of the Canadian border; this was refreshingly confirmed after hearing several people talk aboot how great it is to be oot relaxing in and around the islands of the Strait of Georgia. We’re experiencing this beauty first hand, completing another 32 miles on Whidbey Island from Coupeville to Anacortes. Being a short ride, we decided to take it very easy (11.6 mph average speed easy!) and coast leisurely upon smooth road surfaces, securely in wide hard shoulders, beneath the blazing sun and blue skies, with a healthy tailwind, whilst gazing side to side into the deep blues and emerald greens, looking for Orcas, Bald Eagles and Grey Whales that allegedly frequent the region …no luck today, but we remain optimistic.

Our morning start was also very nice, as we sat at the breakfast table with fellow guests enjoying an insightful chat about US politics, the state of UK politics and the evil business practices of the US Food corporations. We even received a donation from Dianne & David the keepers of Anchorage Inn …thank you.

We apologise again for our previous failures to deliver pictures to support our continued hype about how great the scenery is. So today we took advantage of the bucket loads of time we had and stopped a couple of times to take photos. Deception Pass State Park was exceptionally stunning and we hope you enjoy the pictures.

We rolled up to our hotel at 3:30pm, did some quick laundry then set out to the local Greek restaurant …the food was authentically Greek and was very very yummy.

Tomorrow we will catch some more ferries (not Kayaks as recommended by some locals, as they are too small) to the San Juan Islands in search of Orcas and other large sea mammals.

Us x

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