Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Crazy Capers

It was gloriously sunny as we set out this morning on our 57-mile ride to Tillamook, OR…famous for its ice cream, cheese and other dairy products! Obviously the sun didn’t last all day – this is Oregon after all – and we were rained on for 30 mins or so towards the end of the ride, but in the scheme of things, we can’t complain.

We had some wonderful views (see photos) as we made our way round a number of hilly capes today. It was “one of those days” for Anthony, however, who found a long shiny nail sticking out of his back tyre just as we took one of the photo stops. Having mended the puncture, literally a few hundred yards down the road, we looked up to a telegraph wire running across the street, hearing the gentle chirrup of one of those birds with bright red bits under its wings. Obviously what it was saying was “Hey guys, watch this, I’m going to sh*t on this cyclist…tee, hee”. And that is exactly what happened.

We also met a few interesting folk, all from Vancouver as it happens: a marathon runner and his wife; and another touring cyclist working his way down to Mexico.

Trying to get an early night tonight as we have an early start tomorrow for our long ride into Portland, where we will chill out for a few days.

Us x

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  1. I just discovered, have shared, and been enjoying your blog. I'm the touring cyclist to whom you referred that day, and made it to Mexico as scheduled at the end of the month. You may remember that I'm the one who biked from Land's End to John O'Groats to coincide with the start of the Tour in London 3 years ago. You are such an inspiration I'm sending a contribution in your honor.
    Joe Cook