Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Man ‘Zzzz’ anita

Yet another day to be relaxed, reflective and just plain happy! Good thing really because what lies ahead of us, starting tomorrow, is 5 consecutive days of cycling; destination, Seattle, WA.

So, today we kept it simple …had fresh fruit and granola for breakfast; coffee and croissants for lunch; went for a walk along the beach; took some photos; bought some groceries; sat by the patio log fire; cooked chicken & leek risotto and drank wine. We’re now sitting on the sofa watching CRIMINAL MINDS in our dressing gowns …niiice.

Happy Birthday Debbie (Anthony’s sister). Hope you have a good day and we’re both missing you.

Us x


  1. Hope to see you in Seattle. Can point you to some of the must-see spots and make sure you get a great meal.

  2. I met you two at the bed and breakfast in Half Moon Bay and when I went home and told my students about your trip they were fascinated and thought it was "so cool." They asked me the other day where I thought you were "right now" so I found your card and this blog. Now I can keep them posted as to your progress. They are very interested. John and I enjoyed our conversation at breakfast about politics and your impressions on the United States (which I related to my students, too). Have a great trip! Terry Hendricks

  3. Hi Terry (and students)
    We were both very happy to see and read your comment this evening. We too remember our action packed breakfast at Half Moon Bay and enjoyed meeting you and John. Its great to hear that your students are interested to learn more about our Epic Journey and we would like to encourage them to find every opportunity to explore and experience as much of America as they can ...its a great country.