Tuesday 18 May 2010

Sleepy in Seattle

We recently decided to refer to our days out of the saddle as ‘Non Cycling’ and not ‘Rest’ days. We feel the term Rest doesn’t provide an accurate impression of what we actually do for most of the day. However, waking up this morning with almighty hangovers and faced with a to-do list including laundry, lingerie shopping and route planning, we managed to stumble through our chores, eventually finding time to relax for lunch at 2pm.

We found a great restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the Corner Market Building in Pike Place Market, considered the heart of Seattle. The restaurant is called Matt’s In The Market and the food and wine were seriously good at very reasonable prices.

After a touristy meander through the market famous for its Flying Fish and a quick wander through the shops of downtown Seattle, we made it back to our hotel room and settled down for the rest of the day and evening …at last a bona fide ‘Rest’ day (actually ½ a rest day).

So with our bodies well rested and Kat looking over room service menus for tossed salads and scrambled eggs, we say “goodnight everybody”.

Us x

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