Sunday 9 May 2010

Last Night in Portland :-(

Just a quick and very short update! Friday night’s fitful sleep was a major contributing factor to our 11:30am rise from bed this morning. After switching rooms to a much quieter floor away from college ‘frat’ boys determined to ruin everyone’s night, we slept like puppies and woke up ‘naturally’ on our own accord at 11:30am this morning.

Our first job was to walk to the bike shop to collect Trusty & Steed. On the way we did as the locals do, boycotting Starbucks and opting to spend our dollars at Stumptown Coffee Shop & Roaster for some very good cups of ‘pick me up’ and delicious pastries.

After collecting and then returning les bicyclettes to our hotel room, we did a quick turn around and were back on the sunny streets of downtown Portland looking for somewhere to have lunch. We eventually found Veritable Quandary (VQ) an über chic restaurant serving great food al fresco. Kat had the corn beef hash and Anthony had granola and yoghurt.

We then took a stroll on the waterfront path along the Willamette River, admiring the views of the town and the backdrop of tall mountains in the distance.

Back in our hotel room we set about (aboot for you Canadian followers) completing our chores, including laundry and route planning. It was 8.30pm and after a quick shower we rushed to catch the final place setting at Serratto, a great restaurant in the Alphabet District.

We’re now at the end of an action packed day, ready to get some rest before re-engaging on the Epic Journey tomorrow morning. We’re going to catch the shuttle bus back out to Tillamook on the coast and cycle north toward the Washington State border.

Us x

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  1. Portland is an awesome, but just wait until you hit Vancouver.... something to look forward to for sure.