Sunday, 2 May 2010

Have You Seen Her?

…tell me have you seen her? Well, if ‘she’ is a metaphoric Wall of mind numbing discomfort, tiredness and paralysing fatigue, we have seen Her today! We only did 52 miles and 2,750 ft of climbing today and the views along the way were heavenly. But with over 7,000 miles completed and still another 7,000 to go we’re starting to feel the pain with every mile and every ascent.

We’re gonna suck it up and fight on to the end, hoping this Wall is a temporary thing.

Us x


  1. Hi Guys -just to say that we read your blog today with great sympathy - we have just got back from our week in Scotland and,of course, talked about you guys a lot - as well as encouraging further viewing of your biking oddysey- every one was in awe of your achievments so far. All we can say ,from a safe distance of course,is we too are SO proud of what you are doing and just hope the wall crumbles at your touch and melts away as you press on regardless. LOTS of Love from Groveend.

  2. tie a knot at the end of your rope and swing from there

    ...then go have a few drinks :)