Saturday, 15 May 2010

Photos not included

There are days when nothing out of the ordinary happens and we just get caught in the moment of cycling. Today was one of those days! So much so that when we arrived at our motel at 4:30pm this evening, we were a little surprised, not knowing where all the time had gone.

In short, we left Centralia at 11am, annoyed at not getting up early enough to begin our 58-mile ride into Shelton before 10am. Fortunately for us, the ride was relatively flat (despite the cycle log saying different), the wind was calm and the road surface was pretty smooth, which all added up to us successfully getting back into the “Average Speed over 13mph” Club. Not since March 16, 2010 had we gone so fast, when we first crossed California’s southern border. The downside of cycling in the style of a Spin Class instructor, are the lack of photos. Apologies MG&T, we weren’t able to take a picture of the BIGFOOT sitting at the side of Hwy 12 tucking into what looked like fresh road kill, or was it Beef Jerky, who knows? Though, he/she did wave at us as we sped by …very polite.

Before we go. Happy belated birthday Holly, you don’t look a day over 35! And when you’re partying near Beaulieu-sur-Mer, remember its sister city is Tempe, Arizona! We cycled through Tempe, so in a round-a-bout way we’re partying there with you.

Us x


  1. Hi Beans. I think the little yellow bird is possibly an American Goldfinch. It is the Washington State bird, according to one of the websites. Interested to find out what the bird with red armpits is too - more description please! Could you take a pick or post more details so I can have a look in my book! Otherwise I am sure one of your followers will be able to tell us. The scenery looks great. Speak soon. LOL SB XX

  2. Hey it's Jeremy from the whale watching trip. Erin and I checked our your daily Cycle Log and saw you went through Shelton this day. It's my home town! Anyway, great to meet you guys on Saturday. I posted a link on my Facebook profile so I hope you get some more eyes on your project. Good luck!