Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lincoln City, Oregon

Wow, a rest day that didn’t involve anything more than walking 10 metres down the corridor of the hotel and placing some dirty washing in the machines in the guest laundry room.

So, what else is there to talk about? Well, we must say “welcome home MG&T, you have been missed”, let’s hope your future travels aren’t hindered by that ‘Smokey Old Geezer’. We suggest throwing some Kleinur down the mouth of that volcano to please the Fire Gods and stop all of this ‘Hot Ash’ nonsense.

Today was a day for reflection! We left London in October 2009 with many things packed in the Panniers (Kat’s blue bicycle bags) and Pan-B’s (Anthony’s red bicycle bags). We’ve sent things back to ‘Ole Blighty’ as well as purchasing a few new trinkets along the way. Which got us thinking, “what are the must-have items one needs before embarking on a trip such as this?” Excluding the obvious item, a bicycle. We advise you have a Recreational Vehikkle (RV) with a bike rack. Stick the bike on the back of the RV and drive the 14,000 miles in the comfort of your own combustion engine! Sorry guys, it felt like a good idea to list all the must have things when we started writing this paragraph, but mid-way through we realized the list would be far too long and utterly boring to read.

We’re now only a couple of days away from Portland, Oregon and about 2 weeks from Vancouver, Canada; and then we’ll be onto the Northern Tier and Yellowstone National Park …wow.

Back on the road tomorrow.

Us x

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