Monday, 31 May 2010


After getting Anthony’s spoke repaired at the local bike shop, we spent much of the day relaxing in our lovely hotel the Rio Vista. We were well looked after by Sonia, who helped us to do our laundry and provided us with fresh baked cookies. Sonia … you are brilliant!

Back on the road tomorrow

Us x

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  1. Goodness me - well done for making it over the hill!!! It is great to hear about the different scenery you have been experiencing. Mountains not waves now by the sound of it. Thanks for the pics too. You set me looking for the ?? bird and after quite some searching I think it is a Clark's Nutcracker but am quite prepared to be told I am wrong! I had to find my old US bird book to track that down - LtL is having a lie in today otherwise I would still be wondering!! Hope your rest day has refreshed you sufficiently for tomorrow. LOL SB and LtL who has just got up! XX