Friday, 28 May 2010

The worm has turned!

We are officially on our way back to the East Coast of America. In normal circumstances you wouldn’t be far off the mark to think that we should be feeling happy with ourselves, after completing just shy of 8,000 miles through 17 States and 1 Province and burning close to 600,000 calories. But the truth is we’re feeling a little sad! Yes, we still have 6,000 miles left to do and with every mile from here on in we’ll be getting closer and closer to home, hopefully with a tailwind for most of the journey. Problem is, it just feels like the Beginning of the End, the Epic Journey has turned and is now in its final stages. Despite a little sadness, we’re still excited, enjoying the moment and remaining positive. It’s crazy how quick time has gone, but all is not lost, as we’re only 4 months away from seeing family, friends and 7 months from spending Xmas at home.

Rather talk about the details of today’s very wet 30-mile ride heading South into Sedro-Woolley, WA with a very strong wind coming from the South (who would have believed it), we’d prefer to spend some time recapping on the Epic Journey so far.

Our favourite city has been Portland, Oregon. Just 2 hours from the beach and an hour away from skiing, we were blown away with how cool Portland is. Florida, New Mexico and Arizona despite their billion dollar deficits are pretty close when it comes to our favourite state. Florida is just wonderful, with great weather and the choice between beautiful sandy Atlantic coast beaches and the tranquil Sunkist coast hugging the Gulf of Mexico, before BP decided to redecorate it. New Mexico displayed some of the most varied scenery we have ever seen and Arizona was just stunning with its majestic mountain ranges fencing in vast expanses of flatland.

We’ve got through approximately 12 sets of tyres and have been rescued by kind-hearted individuals in possession of internal combustion engines, just 4 times. We have taken loads of photos and met hundreds of great people; we have been truly blessed. Our favourite Foody state would be Oregon and one of our favourite rides was Tallahassee, FL to Port St. Joe, FL.

So many more things have happened and there are lots more tales to tell. Hopefully we’ll throw parties in New York and London when we return to fill everyone in on the gory details.

With sadness in our hearts we say bye-bye to the Pacific Coast but we’re looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead, especially Yellowstone.


Us x

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