Monday 3 May 2010

The Bright Side of the Road

OK, so, since yesterday, we have taken ourselves to one side and given ourselves a bit of a talking to. That, together with the supportive and witty comments from our family and friends, makes us feel a lot brighter about things tonight, as we sit in our hotel room in Lincoln City, OR, knowing that we have a rest day here tomorrow!

Before describing the events of today, we must mention the wonderfully snug and comfortable place that we stayed in last night. Ocean Cove Inn is a small, but beautifully appointed motel in Yachats, OR, run by warm, generous and friendly hosts, Claudia and Charlie. We chatted to them last night when we arrived, and before we knew it, Charlie appeared with a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris for us, which we sipped while taking in the magnificent view across Yachats bay.

We woke this morning to the sound of rain and wind beating against our little room. We were so comfortable in our bed, and so weary, that we thought seriously about trying to stay an extra day. However, we steeled ourselves, and took the first step of getting out of bed and in the shower, and things seemed a lot better. (Well, actually, Anthony got out of bed and in the shower while Kat continued to doze… but you get our drift).

By the time we left the hotel, and with a few encouraging words and a big hug from Claudia and Charlie, the rain had subsided. Although there was still a pretty fearsome headwind, it was only a 52-mile ride into Lincoln City, with minimal climbing, so it wasn’t too bad. And we had been given a superb recommendation for a lunch/coffee stop from a guy that we met in the Laundromat in Yachats last night. Paninis in the Nye Beach area of Newport, OR, has the tastiest pizzas and baked goods around, all made with organic ingredients, and the most fabulous coffee (it might even have knocked Beachcomber CafĂ© off its stand as our best coffee so far this trip). Scrummy!!!

With a few stunning views along the way today as well (see photos), it was a lovely ride, and we arrived at our hotel just before a massive downpour. Of course, we had weathered a few showers throughout the day, but we felt pretty lucky all in all.

We wandered out this evening to the one restaurant within walking distance of our hotel and were thrilled to find ourselves eating some more fresh and well-prepared seafood. We’re looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and are determined to give ourselves a bit of a break!

Us x

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  1. Helloooo again

    Have been checking out the new section with ride details, very impressive, I would like to have been able to do this with our recent skiing holiday. Without the graphs all I can tell you is that we started from a high elevation every day, went rapidly downhill and repeated the cadence until lunchtime, when we ate, drank and then passed out. Repeated for 6 days...

    First day back in the office today and have hit the Wall already, I'd keep going with the cycling if I was you. T's gone off to Leeds for a regional launch and tomorrow I'm due to go to Germany just as the Icelandic geyser has reactivated. I have no intention of repeating last month's heroic journey but I won't know if the flights are on or off until I get up at "oh s**t what time is it" in the morning and go to Stansted. Deep joy.

    Glad you've brightened up and hope that today has been a good rest day.

    Big lurve & kisses