Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Rainy Day in Vancouver

We have said so much about how great and friendly we have found Americans to be, well it would be unfair if we cycled out of Canada tomorrow morning without providing any insight into how we have found Canadian hospitality. A broad generalisation would be that America is a multi-cultural place, whereas Canada is truly cosmopolitan. In Canada you will find all sorts of creeds and cultures mixing it up and hanging out together, not merely living side by side in Gated Communities next to Project Housing or shopping in a Whole Foods situated 20 miles away from your affordable PigglyWiggly or hanging out in chic wine bars versus the local Liquor Store or Service Station. We love America but it must be said that Canada is very different and refreshing at the same time.

It was unfortunate that today’s heavy rainfall put a dampener on things. We weren’t able to get out and about taking part in, and experiencing Vancouver city living. We did manage to find a Coin Laundry and wash some clothes though! Getting back to our room we folded the clothes neatly then did some route and hotel planning …we are soo edgy it scares us sometimes! By the time we had finished our chores it was 8pm and time for dinner, so we walked the 2 flights of stairs down to the hotel restaurant and had pasta; once again pushing the boundaries of adventure and daring!

So, we’ve returned to our room, ready for tomorrow, our last day of cycling the US Pacific Coast before we head East.

Us x

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