Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back on Track

It was one of those days. When Kat woke up she just felt like staying in bed for the whole day rather than getting on her bike and riding 70 miles. Luckily, Anthony was feeling a bit more motivated… which was a good job, since it turned out to be a beautiful day. So beautiful in fact that Anthony’s getting his Lt Cmdr Worf-like markings back, and Kat has some very strange stripes…strictly on the left-side of her body you’ll understand i.e. the one that always seems to be facing the sun. Yes, after so many days of cold, frost, rain and wind, we were rather caught out by the sun today. But we’re not complaining.

The day was supposed to be one where we could pootle along and still make the 70-mile ride from St Francisville to Ville Platte, in the middle of Louisiana, well before dark. But that wasn’t quite how the day started. After a leisurely breakfast, including caramelised banana to die for (yes, for breakfast, really), we realised that we were running late for the ferry, even though it was only about 3 miles down the road from the B&B. Gulping back our last mouthfuls of coffee while jumping on the bikes, we sped Cavendish style through the streets of St Francisville and arrived just as the cars were loading on the ferry...phew. A very different picture to the one we had witnessed yesterday.

As we departed the ferry, we were slightly dismayed to find that we had our friend “Edwin” the headwind back. However, Anthony soldiered on and shouldered the headwind, allowing Kat to wake up slowly. By the time we had stopped part way to eat the corn bread that we saved from our mammoth southern-style dinner last night, and washed it down with another coffee, we were rolling.

It never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful, friendly and generous people we meet along the way. With a further stop a few miles from the end, we met a lovely guy at a gas station, who wanted to make a cash donation to MS – we gave him a business card, and hope that he will get online and donate, but whatever happens, it was uplifting to meet someone who was so interested in what we are doing and so willing to be a part of it. Tonight at the hotel, we had a great chat with a couple of guys, Eddie and Tyler from Houston, who are working here in Ville Platte for the next few months. Eddie drives a 22-wheeler, and promises us that he is the type of truck driver who is kind to cyclists. We believe him…and, of course, now all Anthony wants is “one of those”, or at least to take a photo of it…

Tomorrow we have another 75-miler to our last stop in Louisiana, and a rest day. After that, we’ll be in Texas…yee-ha!!!

Us x

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  1. Hallo lovelies

    Ferry across the Mississippi? Isn't there a song title in there somewhere? Really like the pics of the two of you on the ferry, u iz both lookin' hot 2 trot. Am I imagining it or are you going much faster than in the first couple of months? You seem to be moving very quickly at the moment, not sure if you are now hitting peak pace or are planning to slow down soon? So many questions that need to be answered. In the meantime I have to say that I am worried about the super-sweet breakfast banana, this smacks of over-indulgence early in the day and I would suggest it should be avoided as a regular habit.

    More advice available whenever you need it
    (and even when you don't)