Sunday, 25 April 2010

6 Months Down… 7,000 miles to go

Yes, followers, it’s true. We are half way through our journey, at least timewise, and have covered just under 7,000 miles. We can’t quite believe it, but it feels good, and we are looking forward to the trip ahead.

We had a fairly chilled rest day today in Eureka, CA, with the usual rest day activities, including a visit to Pro Sports Center, the local bike shop, to replace Anthony’s snapped chain. Big thanks to Cody and Jack.

Eureka is a strange City. It’s pretty big and we have been staying in the historic downtown district, which we expected would be the busiest area of town. There certainly is a main street with some Victorian buildings on it, and a few cute shops, bars, restaurants etc. But the place is deserted…it’s a ghost town.

Despite that eerie feeling, we ventured out for a wander around, and strolled along (not under) the boardwalk next to the water (singing the song as we went of course). After a light lunch, we walked back via the local Co-op, which had been recommended by Oscar and Elizabeth, and was fantastic…just like a Whole Foods! Snaking round the aisles excitedly so as not to miss anything, we decided to buy some cheese, cold meats and wine for supper. Yummy.

Off again tomorrow bound for Orick and more redwoods, hopefully stopping for a coffee in Arcada, a local college town on the route. Happy Birthday for tomorrow to Dad (Kat’s Dad).

Us x

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  1. Way to go, halfway through! Looking forward to keeping up with you all along the way. Stay safe, my friends.