Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Let’s Go To San Francisco

'Gonna keep this short because we’re currently experiencing a tsumai size wave of fatigue. We can’t explain how this happens, but when it does, there’s not much we can do about it but keep pushing on.

This morning we had a lovely communal breakfast with Terri & John, Audrey & Joseph and Peter, fellow guests of the Bed & Breakfast in Half Moon Bay. Feeling slightly energised after our large bowls of fresh fruit, pastries and bagels, we made a short ride through the town and onto the coastal path, complete with aPod (not iPod) of about 5 whales momentarily breaching just 200 metres from the shore. We frantically scrambled through Anthony’s handle bar bag to find Helmet cam and started filming …yeah you guessed it, no more whales!

Proceeding along the route we were pleased to be on very picturesque cycling paths for most of the journey. When we eventually hit the roads and were nearing our final destination of San Francisco, the gradients started to resemble the roads featured in that icon of iconic films “Bullitt”, we began sweat, puff, pant and push harder than we have for some time now. Taking a quick break in Pacifica, CA we met and chatted with Stephen and Craig, State Park managers and really cool guys.

Soon we reached Skyline Drive in Daly City, our steepest climb of the day, with views across to San Francisco and were pleased when we boarded the Golden Gate Bridge …yippee! A couple more energy sapping mega steep hill climbs and some ‘Happy Snaps’ later and we were at our hotel, The Gables Inn. Matthew, the very friendly guy at the front desk welcomed us and, after hearing about our story, upgraded us to a lovely room with a fabulous view.

As usual, the night ended with a dinner at a new restaurant in town recommended by Matthew.

Us x

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