Thursday 8 April 2010

Little Sur!

Today was one of those ‘rides’ that will forever be in our hearts and minds. It’s been a while since we were so overcome by scenic beauty that even the bumpy road surfaces or battering headwinds could not ruin the day.

Armed with ½ a kilo of banana bread boxed-up from breakfast at Marie Callenders, we rode for 52 miles today stopping briefly in San Luis Obispo to purchase a new Ali-G doo-rag for Anthony’s sweaty head problem and a second time in Morro Bay to inhale the banana bread, washing it down with some very nice coffees.

We tried some Helmet cam shots but the sun was setting and the films didn’t come out very well …apologies.

After a lovely fish dinner and lemon tart dessert in the restaurant next to our hotel, Little Sur Inn, in Cambria, we’re now chillin’ out in our very comfortable room, ready for our 75-mile ride tomorrow.

Us x

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  1. We really LOVED the views from helmet-cam - not as good as actually doing the ride but it gives a great sense of the freedom that a swoop downhill gives -we look forward to more! Perhaps next time you could add taste & smell and we'll join you in one of your awesome culinary experiences. Keep a troshin' Love from us Groveenders